To Do List 8/8/16

Butterfly Wings

​-Cut and attach fabric

Large 1
​-Cut and attach fabric

Large 2
​-Cut and attach fabric

2 Eyed 1
​-Glue copper pieces into circles and eyes
​-Clear coat

2 Eyed 2
​-Cut, bend, weld pieces of steel for frames
​-Clean and paint metal
​-Cut copper pieces (opposite of 2 Eyed 1)
​-Patina copper pieces blue and green
​-Glue (?) in copper pieces
​-Clear coat

Brass 1
​-Stephen Bruce finish

Brass 2
​-Close up with steel/weld
​-Clean and paint
​-Cut and attach fabric

Tiny 1
​-Finish cutting welding pieces
​-Clean and paint
​-Cut and attach fabric

Tiny 2
​-Cut and Bend and Weld pieces
​-Clean and paint
​-Cut and attach fabric

Butterfly Bodies
For All Three Sizes (9 total)
​-Design 3 bodies on cardboard
​-Design frames of steel (or foam?)
​-Cut, Bend and Attach copper strips
Attach Butterflies to Truck

Cuddle Cubby
​-Cut and Sew fabric to cover (maybe a plastic layer too?)
​-Design and make a curtain for the backside of cubby
​-Make a mattress cover for the foam (queen size)
​-Cut and paint the last piece of plywood for the floor
​-Cut, paint (grassy flowers?) attach 2 triangle pieces for sides
​-Organize/number how to disassemble and re-assemble the pieces

​-Design, cut, build, attach, paint
​-Paint mural (grasses and flowers)
​-Attach a handle for storage box
​-Design and Build (???) Cover the wheels

​-Build/attach flower and attach butterflies to cover

​-Fix oil leak
​-Check/fix running lights and all lights/signals
​-Cut out back of cab
​-Source and install bucket seats
​-Source and install a radio
​-Create a travel cover to close back of cab

​-Wire truck for 110V
​-Cut/paint wood bottom for genny box

Boxing Up
​-Cut and paint wood piece for the front of cubby and ceiling pieces
​-Assemble and attach
​-Design and install LED strips and floods

​-Install speakers (and radio)

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