To-Do List – 07-12-16


– Cut out the brass butterfly

– Braze brass butterfly to the wings

– Cut all the copper circles

– Cut the “eye shapes” (4) out of copper with the snips

– Glue copper to circles/eyes

– Weld an extra small piece onto the small wing that is not long enough

– Design the motor mechanism for articulating butterflies

– Shape skeleton for 20′ butterfly

– Weld skeleton for 20′ butterfly

– Make 4 more butterflies (2 medium, two small)

– Create butterfly bodies

– Paint all metal!

– Wrap butterfly bodies

– Buy fabric

– Cut and fit fabric

– Create flower for cab



Main compartment

– Cut the last wall and ceiling plywood pieces required to box up the truck

– Paint the plywood ‘traveling box’ (Jamonne)

– Design and assemble benches

– Finalize hidden storage

– Create skirt




– Design and bend metal frame for the cubby

– Cut the last one foot piece of plywood for the cubby floor

– Install support beams for the cubby floor

– Install cubby floor

– Cut plywood to box up cubby for traveling

– Paint cubby plywood

– Design and acquire LEDs for butterflies and truck




– Paint the cab

– Fix the engine (oil?) leak

– Make the running lights work

– Acquire and install swivel captains chairs for cab

– Cut back of cab

– Wire truck for 110v

– Acquire and install generator

– Design and install sound system (woot!)

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