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Tearing it up Tuesday

Today we officially began demolition! What fun!

Oh… and we got to watch the Sheet Metal Alchemists cut a Ken Doll in half with a laser.

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Dimensioning and discussing

Sheri and I spent Monday preparing for the big work day Wednesday. Turns out we can extend the load behind the back axel two thirds of the wheel base. Our wheel base is 11 feet which means we can extend behind the rear axle almost 4 feet making the truck bed length up to 11 …

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View 03-20-16

I have been building Farfalle Gustosi in Fusion 360. [Side Note: For a company started by a woman, their marketing sure is tone deaf. In their world, no one exists that is not young, male and (almost exclusively) white. What makes it more strange is that my teacher is none of these. Sigh.]

The …

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Napkin charrette

Sheri and I had the beginning of a design charrette while Sailing With Jerry and digging some killer Eric McFadden. The new Ivy Room is a great spot for inspiration.

Artwork Whimsical Colorful Big Articulate Fantasmic/fanciful (Not realistic)

Setting Relaxed inviting setting Smaller crew Freedom to be spontaneous Natural and organic Flowing Cozy …

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The truck (at the beginning)

We are starting with a 1981 Ford F-150 rated at GVWR 6,100 pounds. Our good friend Max from Max’s Auto sold it to Sheri for $1,200. Registration is $170 for a commercial truck license. Insurance through Progressive is $280/year =)

Now the fun begins!

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