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9 hours

Today we worked on Farfalle for about 9 hours and got a lot done. We started off the day by purchasing two new sheets of 4×8-23/32 U/L CDX Ply T&G P&TS from Truitt & White and a few extra self-tapping screws from Pastime in El Cerrito. We then headed off to the Fabric Outlet SF where …

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Running around

Fired up Farfalle and Unaverz and drove them around a bit to clear out the dust. They are both working perfectly.

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Farfalle Gustose Logo

Sheri took a Photoshop class at Laney College and created her logo along with poster for her work parties.

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All Day I Dream – 11/16

All Day I Dream closed their season on Oct 1, 2016. A big thank you to Bo at Deep Blue for producing the event and inviting Farfalle. We had a great time. Our crew all agree that this was the best ‘Over 2,000 people’ party of 2016. We couldn’t have asked for better artists, venue …

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Burning Man 2016 Images – Sheri

Below is some of the media Sheri took this year.

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Burning Man 2016 images

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3 up

All the fabric butterflies have their fabric cut out and set up and neatly packed away ready for transport.

We have attached three butterflies (including the giant one) to the truck. Everything is progress in according to plan. Yeah!!

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4 nights until 4am

This is our circus. And yes… these are our monkeys!

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To-Do List 08-15-16

Butterfly Wings

Giant ​-Cut and attach fabric ​-Sew in velcro

Large 1 ​-Cut and attach fabric for second wing ​-Sew in velcro

Large 2 ​-Cut and attach fabric both wings – Sew in velcro

2 Eyed 1 ​-Try to remove resin drips!

2 Eyed 2 ​-Cut, bend, weld pieces of steel for frames ​-Clean and …

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Soooooo many people have been helping out!

Sean E Love, Arseniy, Elina, Seva, Wendy, Mikey S, Jessie, Michael K, Jammone, Gerald…

We are really moving on the art now. Good Times™

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