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Prepping for PreCom

PreCompression is on Saturday, June 17. Sheri wants to bring her truck and there is lots of work to be done. This last week has seen a whirlwind of activity in and around Farfalle. And, because our crew is far and wide, we also participated in a number of other art projects including attending the …

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New floor and new fabric for two wings

Greg and I worked on homeless homes and a new floor while Sheri created new attachments and fabric for two wings. Today was super productive.

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9 hours

Today we worked on Farfalle for about 9 hours and got a lot done. We started off the day by purchasing two new sheets of 4×8-23/32 U/L CDX Ply T&G P&TS from Truitt & White and a few extra self-tapping screws from Pastime in El Cerrito. We then headed off to the Fabric Outlet SF where …

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