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All-Day work party

Sheesh! Michael K, Michael G, Sean M, Sheri and I started around 1 and didn’t close up shop until after 11. We sure got a lot done.

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Farfalle To Do List

April 19, 2017

Automotive -Install brake lights/reverse lights/turn signals/wiring -Create channel for wiring -Change oil and filter –Check for leak (Fixed) -Order and install gas filler neck -Order and install mud flaps -Order tubing for and build bumper -Paint muffler?? -Fix all gas lines (from disconnected tank) -Find bucket seats -Torque suspension bolts

Structural -Finish …

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We have a box

Jessie and Mike Smiles, Gerry, Adira, Arseniy, David W, Vince, Mike G and Kenny each jumped right in and helped Sheri and I over 13 hours today. We have a lot to show for it. Smiles, good times… and a brand new box that’s all purdy and bolted to the truck frame. Our crew roxs!

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Beefy leafs

Beefy leaf springs and sexy shocks courtesy of Gerald and Michael. Farfalle has the best crew evah!

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Square 144 7/8th

Squaring the top frame gives us a diagonal of 144 7/8th.

Sheri wanted to figure out the optimum size for the second floor hole so we took a field trip over to the Lighthouse folks in Bay 6 to look at what they came up with. We settled on a 2 foot square opening. 

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Application Day!

Today we are going to submit the application. Below is some of the artwork we are using.

EDIT: Application SVM16-03-28-9490 was submitted to DMV at 9pm 04/03/16!!

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